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ottobre 2019

Ritratto di Nev'yn

Passing of Tai'lahr




It is not the endings that will haunt you,
but the space where they should lie,
those that simply faded,

without one final wave goodbye.
-Erin Hanson


On this night, I find myself having to craft a very sad announcement. And yet because of whom it is for, it is one I suspect that she would have wanted worded as a celebration of life and transcendence. For those that are unaware, on last Wednesday, the 16th of October of this year, our esteemed companion Tai’lahr passed beyond the veil of this mortal coil to begin her explorations in whatever lies beyond.

I don’t know if my poor words can do justice to the mixed feelings so many of my fellow explorers are likely experiencing throughout the various incarnations of Myst and Uru within the multiverse. That being the case, I will do my utmost to capture and reflect on her various contributions to those of us here at the Guild of Messengers as an example highlighting her dedicated years of service to others and the community at large. Leggi il seguito

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